Our technology solutions are easily adaptable to organizations within any business sector, and the industries below represent areas in which Maxis360 has particular expertise and experience to enhance needed technologies and resolve common industry issues.


Maxis360’s experience with IT tools for the financial services industry dates back to its CEO Chris Ghosio’s pioneering work on the STAR Network, a predecessor to today’s Automated Teller Machines (ATM). Chris knew then that the technology focus was on the development of electronic networks that exchange information and today almost all financial transactions involve the exchange of information over those electronic networks that are the lifeblood of the finance industry.

The Internet, mobile technologies, social media, and more are impacting the way companies and customers interact making security an ever increasing priority. We help financial institutions innovate and stay competitive. At Maxis360 we understand that because of the volume and worth of financial transactions on the Internet, faster and more secure networks are essential to success. Reinforcing that need is the fact that the Internet enables access to credit scores and credit ratings to all lenders, insurance companies and other businesses.

The Maxis360 portfolio of services and products is also designed to help its financial customers — whether they specialize in banking, insurance or wealth management — keep and retain their customers by driving increased efficiency and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Maxis360’s experts in networking enables finance institutions systems to function on a global level through networked computers by quickly reacting to worldwide developments and acquiring information before or at the same time as their competitors.

“I first started doing business with Maxis360 more than 10 years ago. Over the years Maxis360 has been a valued partner with regards to assisting in leveraging technology to achieve my business goals. They have great expertise and their leadership team is strong. I recommend Maxis360 to my colleagues and peers.”
- Wayne Cochrane, Jr., SVP & Director of IT, billion-dollar Florida-based bank


Maxis360 is providing hospitals and clinics, doctors’ offices and other institutions with technological programs and services that enable them to efficiently and economically address the flood of new patients spurred by the federal government’s overhaul of the country’s healthcare system and the close to 80 million aging baby boomers flooding the Medicare program.

Maxis360 healthcare industry professionals are helping healthcare institutions that are looking to IT to create more efficient, high-quality, lower cost health care for all patients.

The 2009 the healthcare industry initiatives proposed by the federal government’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act direct the healthcare industry to rapidly transition from a paper dependent organization to IT. To help meet that goal Maxis360 healthcare customers have access to electronic patient medical records technologies and other electronic cost savings products including practice management, financial management, scheduling, accounting, case management information systems and call centers along with a wide range of consulting and technical services. We help with confusing and bewildering government regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) including rules, standards and implementation guides.

“We are a health care organization specializing in home infusion and home healthcare. We have multiple offices in Florida with more than 170 users. Maxis360 takes care of our voice and data for our entire company. As a partner in their IT360 managed services offering, we rely on them to stay running 24/7.”
- Barbara Doolittle, Manager of Intake, national healthcare organization


Maxis360’s professionals understand that the hospitality industry depends on technology to increase employee efficiency, improve customer satisfaction and generate revenue and plays a critical role from the front desk to a traveler’s mobile device. Maxis 360 provides services and programs that benefit both the customer and business including communications, reservations, guest services and more. Maxis360 has proven experience with a variety of hospitality segments including Miami’s prestigious Bal Harbour and Fountainbleau hotels where it helps management streamline its guest experience from reservation to checkout.

To ensure a satisfactory guest visit a variety of technological-based systems need to act in sync from reservation systems and networks to mobile communications and the Internet. Maxis360 ensures that consumers have easy access to a travel businesses sites and that reservations can be made quickly and easily. And because many hospitality businesses are dispersed, we make certain that their computer systems stay connected enabling communications between branches and locations thus streamlining reservations and cross-company specials and programs. Internally our systems keep employees on the same page making it easier to access information that can improve the guest experience including guest preferences, housekeeping information and reservation details.


Maxis360 Information Technology solutions are designed to help educational institutions ranging from public schools and universities to local school boards and nonprofits economically and efficiently achieve their potential in transferring information from teachers to students while at the same time supporting the critical administrative functions.

Our staff of professionals provide a set of strategic IT resources that enable an institution’s faculty, staff and students to improve efficiency and effectiveness with the minimum financial investment. Institutions successfully using Maxis360 solutions range from public and private K-12 to colleges and universities.
Because many school budgets don’t allow for iPads, laptops and other devices, Maxis360 enables teachers to help students connect with a range of other advanced and economical and available wireless communications solutions inside and outside the classroom.

We help educations institutions define a strategy for achieving their objectives while implementing the best educational technology solutions. Our collection of offerings for educational institutions includes: