Computer networks are the core of modern communications, and as organizations grow so do their network requirements that we customize for our customers. This includes Wide Area Networks (WANs) that connect buildings in multiple locations as well as branch offices, among others. Internally we design multiple Local Area Networks (LANs) to inter-connect workstations and personal computers that are capable of accessing and sharing data and devices, such as printers, scanners, data storage devices and more. We utilize Voice over IP (VOIP) communication, and network storage and backup technologies that enable our customers to maintain their own internal Web sites, or intranets and help with employee communication.

Maxis360 has been in the forefront of this progressively advancing computer network technology and has helped propel the increase in the scope of communications for our customers. The networks we design, build and manage, ensure that our customers have available the latest technologies that make communication between networked computers possible. We take pride that our innovations drive the success of our customers from the accountant and researcher to the travel agent and home user. To read more and see a list of our Network offerings, click here.