Advanced Threat Protection Framework:
A cohesive approach to addressing advanced targeted attacks.

An organization’s ability to independently defend its systems traditionally lags behind its adversaries’ ability to exploit their weaknesses as intruders find vulnerabilities and overcome security measures that prevent intrusions. Maxis360 enables organizations to stay ahead of these pursuers, as we work to constantly adjust and improve defenses. For example, we detect and stop malicious code before it ever passes into a user’s networks by deploying constantly evolving solutions with multiple lines of defense that incorporate ordinary computer hygiene, which keeps security software and firewalls up to date, and the use of programs to detect, map and destroy intrusions.

We also leverage all of our capabilities to provide highly specialized defenses and deploy them in ways that protects users, customers, employees and suppliers. Every year, intellectual property many times larger than all the intellectual property contained in the Library of Congress is stolen from networks maintained by U.S. businesses, universities and government agencies, according to the Council on Foreign Affairs. It is our goal to prevent our customers from being part of this intellectual property loss that can erode their effectiveness, competitiveness and economic well-being.

Unified Threat Management
We handle unified threat management to ensure you are secure at all times.
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Application Security Services
Effectively assess, manage, and secure your organization’s web usage and business-critical applications

Emergency Response Services
Leverage experienced and certified consultants to help manage and respond to security incidents

IT Risk Management
Identify areas of potential risk and design a customized, complete security solution

IT Security Consulting
Build effective IT security policies to reduce threats to your critical business assets

Identity and Access Management
Ensure the right people have access to the right information

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