Just as most businesses don’t keep cash in their desk drawers why would they store critical information that enables others to access their confidential records, credit cards, bank accounts, taxes or sensitive customer data on their office servers or hard drives? Many companies say they feel comfortable keeping their data “within reach.” But that’s like hiding money in a mattress and feeling like it’s safer than in a bank. They can’t keep an eye on that mattress all the time, nor can they or their IT personnel keep watch over every piece of equipment and every computer disk or tape that might contain critical company records.

The fundamental premise of using Maxis360’s cloud computing access is that organizations can focus on their core businesses and let information technology experts secure and handle the technical side. And using Maxis360’s secure cloud offerings is like taking money out of the mattress and putting it into a bank. Even better Maxis360 customizes each “deposit” to fit the requirements of individual customers who can take advantage of the latest software and hardware devices without the capital equipment investment.

In 2013 hackers broke into data owned by companies owned by medical groups, financial firms and government agencies. Apple, Adobe, US Airways and Stanford University were among the victims. If their in-house security is vulnerable, then why are smaller companies less savvy in IT convinced they can do better?

Maxis360 provides a private cloud hosting facility that is under armed guard and highly rated in disaster readiness. We have elaborate disaster recovery plans, network and server redundancy, simple storage and data replication and build customized cloud or off site communications solutions for our customers. Clients are often concerned about sending information to servers and storage outside their headquartered city and apprehensive about getting their engineers to their site fast during a crisis. We have hands on programs that provide peace of mind with the highest level engineers and specialists supporting them and acting as their on-site staff.

Additionally Maxis360 offers hosted voice, video and contact center applications through the cloud that don’t require expensive investments in hardware and support. For most organizations, the pooling of resources, freedom from operating servers, economies of scale and infrastructure-as-a-service make our cloud computing option appealing for both economic and security reasons.

Our cloud hosting is customized to fit each client’s individual requirements and offers flexibility to pay monthly and only for services needed.