At Maxis360, an assessment is more than an evaluation of the technology within an organization. It’s an assessment that defines its technology needs and evaluates how well those needs are being met to achieve the organization’s overall goals. Following our assessment, the design and implementation is determined by those needs from the client’s perspective.
Our objective is to help organizations function as effectively as possible by providing the key technological enablers that create and maintain efficiency, security, accuracy, productivity and reliability. We believe that in today’s fast-paced technological environment these properly-tuned technology tools and processes are vital building blocks. We help organizations identify and assess these components by:

• Identifying which operational activities can be most improved by our services and offerings.
• Which of the list of operations, when improved, will enhance the bottom line the most.

We begin with a thorough assessment of the strengths and weaknesses in each organization’s technological base. We assign each venture a project manager, as well as lead and secondary engineers who understand each organization’s operations. Often the initial assessment quickly leads to economic benefits. For example, while reviewing a customer’s telecommunications invoices recently, we uncovered a $60,000 annual savings. And that was just the beginning.
And just as our clients assess the financial strength of their organizations by cash flow, lines of credit, equity, and so forth, our team of IT specialists and engineers collaborate and design IT solutions in an equally rigorous way. We define the technological concepts, describe their elements, and identify key issues in evaluating, establishing and maintaining programs and services. For example, a few of the areas we assess include: Compliance HIPAA or PCI, IT General Controls, security assessment, backup and disaster recovery, server lifecycle upgrades, hosting and virtualization options, carrier services cost savings and many more.

Our process is designed to ensure that an organization is technologically equipped to meet its strategic objectives and enable it to meet the opportunities and threats created by its environment and its competitors in the future. We provide managed and co-managed proactive support, monitoring all alerts with our 7 x 24 x 365 hands-on engineers. We also ensure patches and software upgrades are applied. And we have an advanced Network Operations Center (NOC) and an experienced IT staff throughout the Southeastern U.S. and Caribbean.

The process never ends. We continuously seek ways to improve a client’s applications, infrastructure and security. We conduct quarterly reviews with each customer and are constantly looking at ways to reduce costs, improve speed and efficiencies, and keep the technological building blocks updated.